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Freight Forwarding

Air, sea, land, and multimodal transport

Container's Depot

State-of-the-art facilities and equipment

3PL Warehousing & Distribution

Customizable and integrated end-to-end solutions

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200+ modern trucks and trailers

LCL Consolidation

Serving 150+ origins through 11 direct and weekly services

Customs Clearance

Market-leading experts in compliance

Packing and Removals

Every move is a fresh beginning when we’re handling it

Project Forwarding

No move is too complex, heavy, or oversized for us

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct

Naouri Logistics (NL) is committed to doing business according to the highest ethical standards. Naouri Logistics will perform all its business activities in an ethical, honorable, respectable, and proper manner, avoiding even the appearance of impropriety and in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

We expect all our employees, consultants, subcontractors, contractors, and any party who performs any task on behalf of NL provides us or any of our customers with a service to fully abide by this code of conduct and follow it in all provided activities, Any non-compliance with any article, instructions or policy mentioned here means termination of the employment or service contract with Naouri Logistics.

Who Must Follow Our Code?

Principles of this Code

1. Equal Opportunity Policy

Naouri Logistics is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all employees and job applicants, we do hire based on qualifications and competencies.

We strictly prohibit unlawful discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, age, marital status, national origin, ancestry and mental or physical disability during or any other characteristics protected by law.

2. Honesty & Integrity

Naouri Logistics’ work shall be carried out honestly, with no influence tolerated in respect to any deviation from either approved methods and procedures or the reporting of accurate results.

3. Professionalism

Naouri Logistics’ work shall be carried out in a professional, independent, and impartial manner.

4. Conflict of Interest

A Conflict of Interest occurs when personal interests of an employee or the interests of a third party compete with the interests of Naouri Logistics.

You should not be involved in any activity that may give rise to a conflict between his/her own personal interest and that of Naouri Logistics.

And if a conflict-of-interest situation has occurred, please disclose to the direct manager and/or the HR and/or the Legal department in a transparent manner.

5. Confidentiality

All information related to Naouri Logistics and/or its clients, trade secrets, and any other related information that has not been publicly disclosed should be dealt with high confidentiality.

Please do not keep or make copies of correspondence, documents, papers, records, and any relevant information concerning Naouri Logistics.

Naouri Logistics’ relations and dealings with suppliers, agents, intermediaries and other third parties are also considered confidential.

6. Respectful work environment

Naouri Logistics have a respectful and supportive work environment, free of harassment, intimidation, bias, and unlawful discrimination.

Employees are expected to behave in a manner that respects the rights and of each other, share their knowledge with colleagues in a helpful way and support the success of others that lead to the success of Naouri Logistics.

Subcontractors are expected to participate in maintaining the respectful and supportive environment and go hand in hand with our employees to provide the clients with the best services.

7. Work-related correspondences.

NL emails should be only used for work related issues and shouldn’t be used for any personal issues or for intentionally propagate any virus, worm, back-door program code, knowingly disable, or overload any computer system, network or to circumvent any system intended to protect the privacy or security of another user.

8. Contacts with the media

Requests for information from the media or any other source, which falls outside the scope of the ordinary duties of an employee or part of the subcontractor contract should be referred immediately to the designated party of the management without taking any individual action or decision.

9. Acceptance of Gifts

a. No employee/subcontractor shall solicit or accept any favor, service, benefit or gratuity for himself/herself or his/her relatives or friends, which is granted to, or performed for him/her by reason of employment/working with Naouri Logistics, except for gifts of entertainment customary in the regular course of business activities.

b. No employee/subcontractor shall give or receive bribes or other payments which are intended to influence a business decision or compromise independent judgment.

c. No employee/subcontractor shall request or accept any fee or compensation beyond that received for any matter related to his/her job.

10. Sales and Solicitations

The sale or solicitation of services on Naouri Logistics property for personal gain is prohibited, except through NL authorized and operated channels.

All selling activities should be legal, decent, honest, and truthful, and should be carried out with a due sense of responsibility towards the client.

Following standards should be considered in every and each quotation:

a) Accuracy

The terms of any quotation should be clear, so that the client/Naouri Logistics may know the exact nature of what is being offered and the commitment involved in the placing of an order.

b) Fairness

All selling activities should deal fairly with clients. Activities should be designed and carried out to avoid giving ground for reasonable complaint. Misleading, deceptive or unfair sales practices should not be used.

c) Identification

At the beginning of the sales presentation, the NL sellers should without request truthfully identify themselves to the prospective client and should also identify their NL, their products, and the purpose of their solicitation.

d) Explanation and demonstration

Explanation and demonstration of the service offered should be accurate and complete, in particular regarding price and, if applicable, credit price, terms of payment and/or return rights, terms of guarantee, after-sales service and delivery.

e) Answers to questions

Accurate and understandable answers should be provided to all questions from clients concerning the product and the offer.

f) Comparisons, defamation, and exploitation of goodwill

NL sellers should refrain from using comparisons that are likely to mislead and which are incompatible with principles of fair competition. Points of comparison should not be unfairly selected and should be based on facts which can be substantiated. NL sellers should not unfairly ridicule any NL or service directly or by implication. NL sellers should not take unfair advantage of the goodwill attached to the trade name and symbol of another NL or product.

g) Client understanding

Naouri Logistics sellers should endeavor to ensure that the client clearly understands the information given. The demonstration of the product should be adapted to the needs of the individual client.

h) Complaints

Naouri Logistics should ensure that the handling of any client complaint related to the purchase is equitable and efficient.

11. Supplier Relationships Policy

Naouri Logistics bases its relationships with suppliers/Subcontractors on lawful, efficient, and fair practices. The quality of the supplier relationships often has a direct bearing on the quality of customer relationships. Likewise, the quality of the supplier’s services affects the quality of Naouri Logistics’ services.

a. Naouri Logistics should provide a competitive opportunity for suppliers to earn a share of purchasing volume, including small businesses and businesses owned by the disadvantaged, minorities, and women.

b. Naouri Logistics should enlist supplier support to ensure that it consistently meets and exceeds customer expectations of quality, cost, and delivery.

c. Naouri Logistics should do business only with suppliers who comply with local and other applicable legal requirements and any additional standards relating to labor, environment, health and safety, intellectual property rights and improper payments.

d. Selection of suppliers on any basis other than open, competitive bidding.

e. Potential conflicts of interest in supplier selection, including the acceptance of gifts or other items of value except in strict compliance with business guidelines.

f. Directing business to a supplier with a business owned or managed by a relative or close friend.

g. Apparent disregard of environmental standards in supplier facilities.

12. Financial Controls and Accounting Procedures

a. All book entries must be supported by proper documentation such as contracts and/or invoices executed or raised by a bona fide party.

b. No false or artificial entry shall be made in any of Naouri Logistics records for any reason and no fund or asset shall be maintained by Naouri Logistics which is not properly disclosed in relevant accounting records.

c. Severe penalties will be applied for violations or mismanagement in any of the following areas:

- Purchasing items not required for Naouri Logistics.

- Expenditures for items not received.

- Expenditures for purchases on inflated pricing items that could be obtained at a lower pricing structure from an alternative source, given that adequate evidence shows that such action was carried out on purpose.

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