Security Services

Security Services

We have expertise extends for years and licensed from official which have trust satisfaction from diffident organizations. We have appropriate costs and thoughts fit the nature of the requested service.



  • We provide security staff for universities, schools, factories, hotels, hospitals, commercial centers (Malls), shops, villas, and farms.
  • We provide security escort services for VIP.
  • We Provide escort transportation services on the internal and external roads.
  • Accompany for delegations and tourist groups.
  • Electronic protection, fire systems, security surveillance cameras, sensors, and electronic doors.
  • We work with various types of Time Attendance devices and Systems.
  • Provide excellent security services for sensitive sites and special nature (embassies, consulates, cultural centers and media ...).
  • We provide Customs lead services and container closure.


Our Staff


  • We have qualified competencies (retirees of the armed forces, security agencies and recipients of various military courses, security, and intelligence, and ambulatory outstanding).
  • All our staff and supervisors take special courses adequate with the nature of the work of those who request the service.
  • We provide attractive salaries of our employees includes social security and enjoy many benefits and incentives
  • There are periodically and continuously checks for our employees.


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